David's online web development training teaches concepts behind design and code that create value for clients.

Module 01: Web Project Management

• Internet Architecture
• Request for Proposals
• CMS vs. Custom Sites
• Social Marketing
• Business of Websites
Project 01

Web Project Management

Module 01

This introduction covers the technical details of how the web works and provides an explanation of the process a project manager will follow.

  • Unit 01: Internet Architecture
  • Unit 02: Request for Proposals
  • Unit 03: CMS vs. Custom Sites
  • Unit 04: Social Marketing
  • Unit 05: Business of Websites

Module 06: Website Deployment

• Search Engine Optimization
• QC/Testing
• Hosting
• Maintenance
• Wordpress Installations
Project 06

Website Deployment

Module 06

Website publishing is more work than uploading pages and waiting for results. Testing, hosting, getting listed in search engines, and keeping the site updated are topics covered in this module.

  • Unit 01: Search Engine Optimization
  • Unit 02: QC/Testing
  • Unit 03: Hosting
  • Unit 04: Maintenance
  • Unit 05: Wordpress Installations

Module 02: Web Design

• Information Architecture
• Interaction Design
• Visual Design
• Usability & Accessibility
• Website Mockups
Project 02

Website Design

Module 02

The stages of website design include information architecture and interface design. Creating interfaces covers interaction, navigation, and visual design. Special consideration is given to creating usable, accessible, user-oriented designs.

  • Unit 01: Information Architecture
  • Unit 02: Interaction Design
  • Unit 03: Visual Design
  • Unit 04: Usability & Accessibility
  • Unit 05: Website Mockups

Module 07: PHP Development

• Technical Specifications
• Computer Science Theory
• PHP Programming
• Data Structures
• Webservices & Ecommerce
Project 07

PHP Development

Module 07

The core skills involved in back end website programming are PHP and data structures. Concepts of computer science are presented to enhance understanding of the algorithms taught in the module. Examples include using webservices and integrating with e-commerce payment systems.

  • Unit 01: Technical Specifications
  • Unit 02: Computer Science Theory
  • Unit 03: PHP Programming
  • Unit 04: Data Structures
  • Unit 05: Webservices & Ecommerce

Module 03: Content Development

• Writing for the Web
• Photoshop Graphics
• Photography
• Video Production
• Web Animation
Project 03

Content Development

Module 03

Write content, enhance photographs in Photoshop, produce videos, and learn other production tasks designed to deliver content that engages users and achieves website goals.

  • Unit 01: Writing for the Web
  • Unit 02: Photoshop Graphics
  • Unit 03: Photography
  • Unit 04: Video Production
  • Unit 05: Web Animation

Module 08: MySQL Development

• Relational Database Design
• PHP Code for MySQL
• AJAX Development
• MySQL Performance Tuning
Project 08

MySQL Development

Module 08

Turn static pages into dynamic data-driven websites using MySQL databases. Advanced topics include live updating pages using AJAX code and tuning the performance of MySQL databases.

  • Unit 01: Relational Database Design
  • Unit 02: SQL & MySQL
  • Unit 03: PHP Code for MySQL
  • Unit 04: AJAX Development
  • Unit 05: MySQL Performance Tuning

Module 04: Front End Production

• HTML & CSS Overview
• HTML5 Scripting
• Advanced CSS
• Template Production
• Responsive Design
Project 04

Front End Production

Module 04

The HTML and CSS scripting languages are used to create web pages from web mockups. Modern templates need to be accessible, compatible, and responsive, and this module shows the latest technique for managing those requirements.

  • Unit 01: HTML & CSS Overview
  • Unit 02: HTML5 Scripting
  • Unit 03: Advanced CSS
  • Unit 04: Template Production
  • Unit 05: Responsive Design

Module 09: Application Development

• Classes & Libraries
• Object Oriented Development
• Security & Error Handing
• Drupal & Symfony Frameworks
• Server Management
Project 09

Application Development

Module 09

Developing production ready applications is rarely done from scratch. Learn how to create robust, secure website ready for real-world visitors using code libraries and frameworks. This module discusses ths issues webmasters face in managing sites, such as PCI compliance for e-commerce.

  • Unit 01: Classes & Libraries
  • Unit 02: Object Oriented Development
  • Unit 03: Security & Error Handing
  • Unit 04: Drupal & Symfony Frameworks
  • Unit 05: Server Management

Module 05: Front End Coding

• Introduction to Programming
• Javascript Programming
• JQuery
• HTML5 Canvas & APIs
• Foundation Templates
Project 05

Front End Coding

Module 05

The work of front-end page designers and back end coders intersect where scripts are needed in page templates. This module introduces what designers who create HTML pages must know in order to integrate Javascript, JQuery, and HTML5 API features in their pages.

  • Unit 01: Introduction to Programming
  • Unit 02: Javascript Programming
  • Unit 03: JQuery
  • Unit 04: HTML5 Canvas & APIs
  • Unit 05: Foundation Templates

Module 10: Advanced Applications

• Unit Testing
• Caching & Performance Tuning
• Big Data Analytics & Visualization
• Machine Learning & Language Processing
• HTML5 Multimedia & Games
Project 10

Advanced Applications

Module 10

Advanced topics addressed in this module cover common situations developers may encounter when working on more complex projects. Examples include unit testing and caching for scalable applications, working with NoSQL "big data" databases, applying cutting edge algorithms from computer science research, and integrating interactive multimedia into website projects.

  • Unit 01: Unit Testing
  • Unit 02: Caching & Performance Tuning
  • Unit 03: Big Data Analytics & Visualization
  • Unit 04: Machine Learning & Language Processing
  • Unit 05: HTML5 Multimedia & Games

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  • Instructor: David Kelleher

David Kelleher has shared his technology skills as a teacher, tutor, and coporate trainer for more than 20 years.

He is currently an instructor for media production courses at Emerson College. David assisted with the Emerson College Web Production and Management Certificate program, helping students create web sites for local nonprofit organizations. He also developed website production programs at the New England Institue of Art, Boston University's Center for the Digital Imaging Arts, and for the Digital Media Summer Academy at Emerson.

David is also a freelance media and website producer. His projects have included dozens of PHP/MySQL websites, an e-learning application for Intel, 3D animation for a National Geographic television program, and marketing CD-ROMs and DVDs for diamond and jewelry manufacturer Eugene Biro.

David has a Masters of Visual and Media Arts from Emerson College, where he researched the use of interactive multimedia for middle school science education, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer.